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Introduction is a website where you can earn points by following other users on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by liking their pictures and posts on social networks. Once you collect your points, you can use those points to get likes and followers on your own Social profiles and pages.

You will earn 15 points for following someone on Instagram, and you can pay those 15 points to someone else so you can get 1 new Instagram follower on your profile.

You can get millions of followers and likes using this AMF bot

How to get AddmeFast points, for free?

I will show you the best way to get thousands of Instagram followers, thousands of Facebook likes, or thousands of Twitter retweets.

You can accomplish all that using the best AddmeFast bot ever, Somiibo AddmeFast Bot.

Once you buy this bot, add your username and password for your AddmeFast account, and this bot will start generating points for you, passively.

Tell me more about this Addmefast?

What’s so special about this Addmefast?

On average, this bot generates around 1000 points per hour and that’s GREAT, trust me, I’ve used many other bots from the market, and this one is the best one.

If you try collecting points without using a bot, you can get maybe 200 points per hour, so this bot will save you a lot of time.

What if Addmefast bans me for using a bot?

This bot will protect you from the ban because it’s made with the Anti Bot-ban technology and you are 100% safe.

What if I am already using some other bot or program?

This bot can offer you Proxy Support so you can run multiple bots at the same time, and you will never get caught.

Which networks can I use in order to generate my points?

You can use all available Social Networks like Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter…

How many page likes / IG followers / FB page likes can you get using this bot?

If you are generating 1000 points per hour and if you keep generating it for 24 hours you will have 24,000 points on Addmefast by the end of the day.

If you add your site/profile/page on Addmefast and you start paying 10 points for 1 like or 1 follower on your page, you can get:

2400 FB page likes, IG followers, Twitter retweets.. in 24 hours! This is amazing and this bot is worth the money for sure.

How to create addmefast account?

Returning to the , click this “Register” button. After clicking it, you’ll lead to a page where you’ll be asked for information such as your first and last name, email address, and other information required to create an account properly

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So when you’re done, check I’m not a robot box and then finish the sign-up process. the website sends you a confirmation email that looks like this after you register.

and make sure to check your spam folder because their emails are almost always redirected here in your email. Click the verification link to become a registered user of the website. Allow me to go into my account for the time being so that you can check that this platform is authentic and functional.

Addmefast has multiple options for earning points.

Here is the dashboard. As you can see, this is just an essential website where you may earn money regularly. On the left-hand side, there are options for earning points. You can leave likes and comments on posts by clicking here, or you can follow random accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms by clicking here. Once you complete these tasks, the platform will provide you with the appropriate points.

How to make money by watching YouTube videos at addmefast?

Go to the left-hand panel and search for and select YouTube views; when you click that button, you’ll take to a page immediately.

As you can see, to gain this number of points, you must watch this video for a specific number of seconds. It’s as easy as clicking a video and seeing a page appear on your computer screen. This page will keep track of how long you’ve been watching the video, and if it’s playing, so we’ll have to wait a few minutes to get our prizes. Furthermore, you can use the strategy regularly to earn unlimited points simply by watching a video for a few minutes. You can also exchange your points for likes, views, or subscribers on social media networks, and you will earn this number of points for each person who joins the platform’s referral program.

How can I earn a daily bonus at addmefast?

Another feature on this page is that you can earn a daily bonus by simply signing up every day and doing tasks. Still, this option will only be available to accounts with the platform for a long time, so be active to claim that daily bonus. This platform rewards consistency, so make sure to log in every day. Now that we don’t have a daily bonus, let’s make the most of our YouTube videos by watching them all simultaneously. By all means, watch a lot of them.


How to utilize this addmefast platform?

You only need a YouTube account to utilize this platform and earn money. You won’t need a lot of subscribers or likes to get money. All you require is an account. If you don’t have a channel, you can establish one on by visiting there and signing up.

How can I earn a daily bonus at addmefast?

You can earn a daily bonus by simply signing up every day and doing tasks. Still, this option will only be available to accounts with the platform for a long time, so be active to claim that daily bonus.

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